Rhodesian Place Names

Last Updated : May 26, 2007

Most of the information on these pages is extracted from the books :

"Avondale to Zimbabwe" written and published by R. Cherer Smith ISBN 0-7974-0313-2 and
"Tabex Encyclopedia Zimbabwe" Quest Publishing ISBN 0-908306-04-0

with additional notes and photographs by the webmaster and other contributors as acknowledged.

Note :
I need more information about Robert Cherer Smith so if anyone knows how to get hold of any of his relatives, I'd be pleased to hear. Gordon.

Balla Balla 001
Chakari 003
Essexvale 007
Figtree 004
Gatooma 008
Melsetter 005
Nyamandhlovu 009
Mount Darwin 002
Plumtree 006
Tjolotjo 010

Excerpts from : "Avondale to Zimbabwe" written and published by R. Cherer Smith ISBN 0-7974-0313-2

About the Book

In the ninety years that the country has been known as Rhodesia its development has, particularly in more recent times, been phenomenal. Many of the towns and villages grew up around gold mines, others were established on the sites of African villages or at communication centres; a number grew around a district commissioner's camp.

This book contains a concise history of 150 Rhodesian towns and villages and covers a wide range of information on the country's history, culture, legend, flora and fauna as well as many other aspects of our way of life. The altitude, rainfall and position of each place is given and the book is lively illustrated by M. M. Carlisle. The President of Rhodesia, the Hon. J. J. Wrathall, G.M.L.M., I.D., has written a Foreword to the book, which will be approximately 320 pages in length and printed on Sappi Antique paper. The cover will be printed in 2 colours on Foldcote board, but a limited number of fully bound copies will also be available. The book should prove a useful reference work to professional and businessmen, including philatelists.

About the Author

Robert Smith, who is of 1820 Settler stock, was born in the Orange Free State in 1919. He completed his education in South Africa before coming to Rhodesia in 1934. After working for a commercial firm at Plumtree he joined the Postal Services of Rhodesia. He became Deputy Postmaster-General in 1964 and in 1973 joined the Agricultural Research Council of Rhodesia as its Chief Executive.

He wrote "Rhodesia A Postal History, Its Stamps, Posts and Telegraphs", which has been updated by two supplements. He is the author of "The House of Cherer", a history of the Smith family which arrived in South Africa in 1820. He is a keen student of Rhodesian history and a member of the National Executive of the Rhodesiana Society, and has contributed a number of articles to the Society's journal.

Mr. Smith is a Chartered Secretary by profession and a Fellow of the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants.


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