Rhodesian Personalities

Last Updated : May 26, 2007

The information on these pages is extracted from newspaper cuttings and magazine articles with additional notes and photographs by the webmaster and other contributors. All references and sources are acknowledged wherever possible. Please feel free to submit biographies of any Rhodesians you feel would be worthy of inclusion on this page. In particular I would welcome any photos to add to the pages.

Berry, Dorothy Helen (1913-1999) 002
Butler, (Alan) David (1927-1972) 001
Davies, Owen (1944-1994) 003
Harvey, Keith (1921 - 2007) 007
Love, John (1924 - 2005) 006
Todd, Garfield (Sir) (1908-2002) 005
Van der Byl, Pieter (1923-1999) 004


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