Rhodesiana - Current Projects

Apart from the desire for any Rhodesiana material to be sent to me to be added to the site, from time to time I embark on special projects or specific requests for information.  These are listed below and if you have anything to contribute please contact us.

Wankie Mine Disaster -
I have been sent some excellent details about this event (link)  but would always welcome further comments or information particularly photos of those that lost their lives and the memorial that I understand was erected in their honour.

"Arkees" - Chris Derry is wondering about the origin of the Rhodie slang word for toilets - "arkees".  Can anyone shed any light on this ?

Bezant - many of you will remember the cans of orange juice by this name and the fun game that developed using the same name.  Does anyone have any details as to where this name came from ?  And by ANY chance a photo of a said can ?

Rhodesian War Graves - I recently came across an incredible project called the Maple Leaf Legacy Project.  It was launched a couple of years ago by a Canadian and the objective is to photograph every Canadian forces grave around the world and eventually publish the photos on a web site so that relatives will be able to see the grave of their loved one, even if it is thousands of miles away in a foreign land.  Does anyone have any desire to embark on such a project for those Rhodesians killed on active service around the world ?  I would be pleased to provide co-ordination and support for such an initiative.


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